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Welcome To My Life

I'm Sorry I Can't Be ... Perfect

23 August
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well it all started in 1990 in a little log cabin in mass. lol lmao jk. i was born in webster massachusetts and was blesses with a loser drunk dad that left me when i was really young. i havent heard from him since i was 6 years old and really i dont care. uhm i skate and i listen to rock. i find rap very annoying but some is ok. r&b is ok 2. but im more into coheed and cambria, slipknot, the starting line, mudvayne, brand new, cold, marylin manson, tool, etc. i hate people that label eachother except if the person is goth. i dont like goth kids that much. they try to cast spells on me. :-) but after watching harry potter i kno all the counter spells lol.but yea thats about it lol. oof im so interesting arent i? lol