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i dont wanna fuck you i dont wanna touch

so yeah i went to the beach and the waves were pretty big lol. my mom was right i did have fun. after the beach we went to this bar and grill place and they kicked us out cuz my mom was wearing a bikini top and shorts. my mom called the lady a fuckin fat heffer as we walked out! lol i pissed my pants i swear lol. it was so funny. so we ended up going to flo's. omg the food there is amazing. and its right on the beach so you get that awesome breeze. omg lol it was so awesome. lol. but yeah after that we drove around trying to find this cliff thing near fort adams. apparently it dissapeared cuz my dad said it was there before. hmm gay. so yeah then we pissed people off. i kept on looking at the people in back of us with binoculars even though they were at the most 15 feet away. lol. and we drove by people abnd made fart noises. we really are losers ya know lol...

well yeah i pretty much love jordan to the max <3

mucho amore.
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