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what a horrible day...

well haha i woke up in a good mood today! that didnt last long. well i got in trouble on the bus for bringing my skateboard. gayyyyyyyyyy. i mean people can bring guitars to school but not skateboards? arent guitars bigger then skateboards? so yea. i had to stay on the bus untill ms.marquii came on and took me to her office. now this is only after 30 minutes of me being awake. well ends up my bus driver is made of glass or i am just extremelt huge. cuz she said i tried to break her arm when i sat down. i mean what the fuck. i didnt do anything. i just sat down! well ms.marquii took my skateboard and wrote me up and gave me adp. gayyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! so yea i went to study. hahaha even better. we were in class for five minutes adn mr.kiley spazzes on us and says we r goin to the cafeteria. we had to sit 3 seats away from eachother. it was basically like detention in school. we couldnt talk or eat.. then i had math. blah i hate math. i have such a hard time concentrating on it... so that class took forever to go bye. after that i had spanish. we got bombarded with translations and 5x each and other gay stuff. lunch was boring.. then i had science.. wasnt lookin forward to that... we did nothing and alf the class didnt do there home work. so ms.thompson was pissy all class... then me and matt had detention. what a boring hour that was... we went outside and waited for his dad. i was so happy i thought his dad was gonna give me a ride home. haha me happy. today? WRONG! turns out he cant give me a ride. now right about now im definetly very suicidal. i mean what a shitty day. i just wanted to go home and drink a glass or cyanide or sniff anthrax or w.e.... so yea i had to walk a couple miles to my house with my 35 pound backpack. WHAT FUN! it took me 45 minutes to get home... i feel like crap right now. im soo lucky i didnt kill anyone today. i was soo pissed all day. (by the way i got my skateboard back but i have to have a "talk" with mr.magee tomorrow
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